Black TRex 2P v0615

Robot dinosaur shooting game.

Game Mode:
Mad Shoot Mode: Defeat enemies, choose upgrade, become stronger, complete all levels.
Mad Shoot 2P VS Mode: Two player one screen, play with friends, shoot each other, don't get knocked out of screen, hold on until the end to win.
Portal Challenge Mode: Collect gold coins more than your opponent.
Portal Challenge 2P VS Mode.
Robot Assembly Mode.

Black TRex #1: Basic type
Black TRex #2: Move speed fast. More chance get SMG.
Red TRex: More HP, More Bomb, More chance get Shotgun.
Velociraptor: Move speed very fast. More chance get Sniper.
Triceratops: Body size small, More chance get Small item.
Stegosaurus: More chance get Shield item.

Next version, more robot dinosaurs will be provided.

20240615 Update:
New Portal Challenge Mode!
Reduce Difficulty.
Fix Some Bug.

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